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          Repair and Maintenance of Plant

          The current position: Home > Service&Capability > Repair and Maintenance of Plant
          We have professional equipments and technical staff, we pay attention to every detail during the production.
                  1. All the "production-oriented" approaches are always kept in mind like on time production, quality, repair and maintenance of the equipments. Preventory efforts are taken at first and then followed by maintenance and repair. 
                  2. Staff is well trained to strictly obey the labor discipline, the rules and regulations of the branch. 
                  3. Establish the idea of "safety first". Strictly implement the rules about equipment maintenance, maintenance operation and safe production regulation in order to prevent personal injury and equipment damage. 
                  4. Constantly inspecting equipments (dynamic, static), finding some small problems before they can  affect the equipment's normal functioning, which can avoid large problems with timely treatment, to ensure the normal operation of production. 
                  5. Special maintenance work personnel should receive professional training and related certificates. 
                  6. Master all equipment working principle, operation method, trouble shooting method, equipment performance, lubrication situation and precautions.
                  7. Carefully read the equipment manuals, safe operating procedures, and be able to operate various equipments skillfully. 
                  8. Complete the everyday patrol work, solve the problems timely if found, fill in the work record earnestly. 
                  9. All equipments in the field must be thoroughly inspected and recorded once a month. 
                  10. Correct promptly if there is equipment failure.


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