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          Project Management

          The current position: Home > Service&Capability > Project Management

          We have a professional project management team, according to the perspective (owners, PMC, supervision, general contractor, subcontractor, supplier) is different from the project management functions are different. The common function is to ensure the project in the design, procurement, construction, installation and debugging of all aspects of the smooth, around the "safety, quality, duration, investment" control objectives, in the project integration management, scope management, time management, cost management , Quality management, human resources management, communication management, risk management, procurement management and other aspects of the work done.

          Pre-survey the project, collect and collate relevant information, formulate preliminary project feasibility study report, and provide suggestions for decision-making. Cooperate to formulate and report the project report materials. 

          To analyze and plan the project.

          Complete system design of the project's components or modules.

          To develop project objectives and project plans, project schedule.

          Develop a basic plan for project implementation and control.

          Establish a project management information system.

          Project process control, with the higher management of the project to conduct a good control.

          Track and analyze costs.

          Record and communicate project information to superior management.

          The problems, risks and changes in the project.

           Project team building.

          Coordination between the various departments, the project team and organize project training.

          Project and project manager assessment.

          Understand and implement the company's long-term and short-term policies to guide the company to carry out all projects. The concept of project management is more extensive.Need to manage the project resources, time, risk, bottlenecks and errors, etc., in order to allow the project to be smooth.; And project management is more specific, for a project supply, construction, resource arrangements, suppliers, contractors, risk management, and so on.


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