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          Project Consultancy

          The current position: Home > Service&Capability > Project Consultancy

          The company provides customers with general, comprehensive and accurate consulting services, including planning consulting, special consulting research, project planning, investment opportunities research, project proposals, feasibility studies, project technical advice, tendering and consulting, project evaluation, environmental impact assessment, labor safety and health pre-evaluation, etc..

          The company adheres to the principles of being independent, scientific and impartial, make the full use of multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in engineering technology, science and technology, economic management, laws and regulations, in order to provide  project owners and other customers the advisory activities of the intellectual services in project decision-making and management, including project consultation in the early stage, consultation in the phase of reconnaissance and design, consultation in construction phase, the evaluation after commissioning or delivery after , etc..

          The adhering principles:


          Independence means that the engineering consulting unit shall have an independent legal person status, unaffected by the customers and their other aspects of the preference and intention, independently practice and bear the legal responsibility for the consultation results. The independence of the engineering consulting unit is the legal basis of the market intermediary service, the precondition of adhering to the objective and impartial position, and the important factor to win the social trust.


          Science refers the basis, method and process of engineering consultation to be scientific. The scientific nature of engineering consultation asks for seeking truth from facts, understands and reflects the objective, real situation, elects from the actual comparison, argues according to the theory instead of fraud. The requirement conforms to the scientific working procedure, consultation standard and the behavior norm, does not violate the objective law. The request manifests the scientific development view, utilizes the scientific theories, methods, and knowledge, making the results of the consultation can be tested by time and history. The scientific degree of engineering consultation determines the level and quality of engineering consultation, and then conforms whether the results of the consultation are credible, reliable and usable.


          Fairness means sticking to the principle and holding a fair position in the engineering consulting work. The impartiality of engineering consultation is not to reconcile or compromise without principle, nor simply to remain neutral in contradictory parties. In the relationship among the landlord, the consulting engineer and the contractor, the consulting engineer should be considerate to the client whether it is for the owner or for the contractor, but this does not mean that all the ideas and opinions of the entrusting party should be followed blindly. When the ideas and opinions of the entrusting party are not correct, the consulting engineer shall dare to make different opinions, or coordinate or adjudicate within the scope of the authorization, to support the other party. Especially for the projects that do not conform to the macro-planning and policy, we should dare to put forward and persist different opinions, help the entrusting party to optimize the plan, even make the negative consultation conclusion. This is not only responsible for the state, society and people, but also for the entrusted party, because it does not meet the requirements, the blind developments cannot achieve long-term economic and social benefits, can eventually become the historical baggage of the entrusted party. Therefore, the engineering consultation is a work having rigid principles and policies, which should not only faithfully serve entrusting party, but also can not completely take the satisfaction of the client as the only standard of evaluation work.

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