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          Typical Project Cases

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          Linde Group Linde project

                  Linde Group, a global leader in gas markets, offers a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases and a wide range of chemical products and is an indispensable and important partner for many industries.
                  Focus on the overall plant planning, project development and construction.
                  The Linde project focuses on promising markets such as hydrogen, syngas, oxygen and olefin plants, and natural gas processing plants.
                  With over 1,000 process engineering patents and over 4,000 installation projects, Linde has become a leading international contractor for process plants.
                  2012.08~2014.07 Linde Chemical (Chongqing) Gas Co., Ltd. 1 billion Nm3 / year synthesis gas preparation CO / H2 project, our company is responsible for the content of civil and electrical installation.


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