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          Typical Project Cases

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          Air liquide Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Coal Indirect Liquefaction Project

                  Date: September 22, 2015
                  Project Overview: Shenhuaning Coal 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction Project site is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of the chemical energy base of Ningdong coal chemical base (area a) B6 block. The construction scale is an annual output of 4.05 million tons of oil and olefin matching synthetic gas 275knm3/h, (including: Blending diesel 2.733 million tons, naphtha 983,000 tons, liquefied gas 333,000 tons), the annual conversion of coal (raw Coal + fuel coal) 24.48 million tons.
                  The scope of the project includes: air separation, preparation of coal, gasification, CO transform, syngas purification, sulfur recovery, oil synthesis, oil processing, tail gas treatment and other technological devices, as well as the process equipment supporting storage and transportation engineering, public works, ancillary engineering, service engineering and plant engineering.
          Our company main construction content:
                  Steel structure Installation project, mainly includes: low-temperature Cold box System (the main, auxiliary, cold box liquid pump, expansion machine, other cold box equipment and pipe construction installation), deliver it to the company after the completion of cold box scene bare cold check. The main cold box steel structure installation height is 58.700 meters, the length is 13.500 meters, the width is 7.900 meters, the heat exchanger cold box steel structure installation height is 15.425 meters, the length is 17.400 meters, the width is 7.900 meters. The installation of main, auxiliary box, cold box, liquid pump box, expansion machine and bridge cold box.
                  Equipment Installation Engineering: Scheme one: a weld group for the pressure tower + main condenser of welded on the basis of steel structure, a weld group for low-pressure tower upper section + main condenser next section welded on the basis of steel structure, a total of 5 two-line weld; Scheme two: for the pressure tower + main condenser welding seam group on the basis of steel structure, low pressure tower overall on the basis of steel structure; The device has 1 unit of liquid expander, 1 set of gas expander, installed on the outside of the cold box, and 7 Low-temperature pumps are installed in the pump box together with 1 unit of steam ejector.
                  Piping installation project: Cold box piping installation. The stainless steel pipe about total length of 1129 meters, aluminum pipe about 10737 meters long, a total length of about 11,866 meters pipeline, aluminum tube 81,592dia-inch, stainless steel tube 12,366 dia-inch, total 93,958 dia-inch. Pipe materials including stainless steel, aluminum tube and so on. The maximum diameter of the cold box is DN1200.
                  The engineering characteristic is that the pipeline cleanliness requirement is high, the process request is more, the pipe diameter is big, and the installation is difficult, with much closed space operations.
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