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          LBT’s contestant achieved excellence in the 6th Vocational Skills Competition of Zhangjiagang City

          Date:2019-1-2    Source: Jiangsu Libert INC. Zhang Qing

                  In the 6th Vocational Skills Competition of Zhangjiagang City, the welder Yin Liang from Jiangsu Libert INC. (LBT) won the second prize of the welder competition of employee group.

                  The relevant leaders of LBT paid high attention to the organization of the competition, actively organized and selected skilled welders, and drew technical consultants with rich experience and deep qualifications to conduct welding training and actual operation without affecting normal construction production, and then selected contestants internally.

                  The competition was divided into theoretical examination and practical operation. In the competition, LBT’s competitors won the second prize of the welder competition of the employee group with superb welding technology. The achievement of this competition is the demonstration of the results of the multi-phase welder training of LBT, and the level of LBT's welding process has been proved by practice again, which has enhanced LBT's reputation and reputation in Zhangjiagang and the industry.

                  The 6th Vocational Skills Competition of Zhangjiagang City was hosted jointly by the Zhangjiagang Municipal People's Government, the Municipal Talent Office, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the General Labor Union, and the Education Bureau with the goal of “The skills and quality of laborers are constantly improved, the structure of skilled personnel is continuously optimized, and the environment for skills and talents is constantly improved” and the theme of “Carry forward the spirit of artisans and plant artisan culture” to vigorously promote the craftsmanship spirit of Excellence, Meticulousness, Patience, Professionalism and promote the construction of high-skilled talents.

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