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          LBTC 4TH Quarter Training rounded out

          Date:2018-11-7    Source: Shanghai LBT Construction Co.,Ltd. MA Yanli

                  From 2nd to 4th of Nov. 2018, the centralized training lasting for three days was carried out in LBTC headquarter. The professor Ma Nan, national registered cost engineer, registered Class A architect and registered safety engineer, was specially invited to give the lectures, and totally 101 persons from company management level, business backbones from each functional department and project department attended the training.


                   The training consisted of two main parts: one training, held on Nov. 2nd, 2018 on the topic of adjustment of technical chief engineer functions and budget, participated by key staff from each functional department and project department, sharing experience and exchanging lessons; another training, held from Nov. 3rd to 4th of 2018 on the topic of business management capabilities improvement, involving existing problems of cost management in construction enterprise and the countermeasures, refined management landing deduction in the whole process of bidding, construction execution and completion account settlement.


                  For the purpose of continuous enhancement for integrative competence of the whole management team, optimization of company overall structure and reinforcement of enterprise centripetal force, LBTC has organized quite a lot of training since the beginning of 2018. The training again put the focus on the importance of refined management for long-term development of company, which encouraged staff to widen learning channels, innovate learning methods, push every item of work forward efficiently and steadily, and continually explore, conclude and improve in the practice of refined management. 

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