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          DSM (Jingjiang) Blue Sky Project MC

          Date:2018-10-26    Source: Shanghai LBT Construction Co.,Ltd. Zhang Huan

                  On 18 Oct. 2018 evening, celebrating party for DSM Blue Sky Project MC was held in Jinjiang Jin Yue International Hotel. Attendees of the party and awarding ceremony included, DSM side: senior level representative and project director, Ulf Gerold; site manager, Tao lishan; RTO manager, Floor Weijts; Blue Sky project manager, Sun guowei; LBT side: Shen bingqiang, Li tiejun, etc.

                  DSM speaks highly of LBTC’s management work in the project in aspects of construction, HSE and QA/QC, etc. Expressing gratitude to LBT for its excellent performance in the project, DSM also held an awarding ceremony at the party; site manager, Tao lishan and RTO manager, Floor Weijts respectively issued HSE Performance Award and Outstanding Contribution to Construction Award to LBT.on the spot.

                  The project, which was the largest pharmaceutical maintenance project contracted by LBT in this year, obtained high attention and great support from both DSM and LBT Group leadership either before shutdown or during shutdown for replacement and construction. During construction period LBT Group pulled its will and strength together, called excellent backbones and talents in project execution from LBTE and LBTC together to overcome all difficulties.

                  Performing the project, LBTC successfully transmitted its work style of “Being down-to-earth and hard-working; resolute execution” and service idea of “Client-oriented and self-achieving” to Owner; moreover, it enriched our construction experience for contracting large maintenance project and pharmaceutical construction project in future, which greatly enhance our competitiveness in the industry.

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