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          Mid-2018 working conference Jiangsu Libert INC. Successfully Held

          Date:2018-9-12    Source: Jiangsu Libert INC. Zhang Qing

                 In order to thoroughly implement the company's development strategy, review and summarize the work in the first half of the year, ensure that the development direction and implementation plan of the joint-stock company are in line with the development strategy of the group company, and guarantee the smooth implementation of all deployed plans and targets, the mid-year working conference of Jiangsu Libert INC. was held in Zhangjiagang on August 28th 2018.

                 The meeting focused on the situation faced by the company in the first half of the year. Based on the problem orientation and combination with the company's management and development direction and requirements, the work deployment for the next half year was arranged. Shen Binqiang who is chairman of the company, Cai Zhigang who is executive director, Zhu Haijun who is financial director, members of the company's general manager department, and various functional departments and project leaders attended the meeting.

                  Some functional departments and general managers of the general manager department have made work reports or speeches respectively. The content of reports is truth-seeking and pragmatic, which also deeply analyzes the problems, explores problem solutions, and seeks corporate development.

                After carefully listening to the report, Chairman Shen Binqiang emphasized in his conclusion: First, it is necessary to clarify strategic orientation, face difficulties and challenges. Second, to strengthen ability to resist adverse factors caused by market changes, and strive to become the industry leader based on market-orientation, understanding and utilization of market changes. Third, to strengthen the seamless and deep integration between business management and production & construction functions. Fourth, to explore and promote excellent corporate culture, and pay attention to details and quality.

                 In the second half of this year or even in the longer term, the joint-stock company will unify its thinking, solidify cooperation to further improve cohesiveness, centripetal force and combat effectiveness. It is necessary to highlight and strengthen responsibility and consciousness, and stimulate new vitality. And it needs to further think about methods, find ideas, and make every effort to ensure the realization of operation and management objectives. It is more necessary to fully and effectively strengthen resource sharing, and deeply integrate with the various units of the group, go forward hand in hand and develop together. 

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