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          Mid-2018 LBTC Working Conference Successfully Held

          Date:2018-8-9    Source: Shanghai LBT Construction Co.,Ltd. MA Yanli

                  On August 3rd, 2018, LBTC held its mid-2018 working conference in the company headquarter. Shen Binqiang, Chairman of LBT Group; Yang Qinghua, Executive Director of LBTC; Guo Shuwei, General Manager of LBTC; members of general manager department, heads of functional departments, project managers, and business backbones of company attended the meeting. They all got together to review and summarize the work for the first half year, arrange the next half, and exert further influence on pressure, motivation and mobilization to achieve the annual target.

                  At the meeting, the persons-in-charge of respective divisions made in-depth analysis and summary in respect of the company's safety & quality management, material procurement, IT operation and administrative management; directors of ECO project in Inner Mongolia and Trinseo project in Zhangjiagang also shared their project management experience.

                  In the second half of 2018, LBTC needs to further strengthen functionalization construction, actively promote standardization of project management, supervise the implementation of comprehensive budget management, and try out "man-hour incentive system" in each project; in the meanwhile, concern and cultivate the maturity of cooperation mode of EPC.

                  The meeting stressed that the year of 2018 is critical for LBTC’s transformation. LBTC needs to complete the transformation from extensive management to refined management, furthermore, consolidate the foundation of management, and operate business in manner of compliance and legitimacy to ensure sustainable and steady development of the enterprise. 

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