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          Success of Heavy Lifting Accomplishment

          Date:2018-8-1    Source: Shanghai LBT Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

                  At 9:28 on July 31, 2018, with a whistle from the hoisting commander-in-chief, the large-scale equipment hoisting work of the Honeywell Super-3 project began. According to the pre approved hoisting scheme, the LBT project team worked orderly and exactly following the pre-approved hoisting plan. A 500 ton main crane and a 350 ton auxiliary crane worked collaboratively. The tower of 32 meters in height and 72 tons in weight was slowly lifted, steadily over a 14 meters high pipe rack, and finally positioned to its foundation accurately. The whole lifting process smoothly and safely lasted for an hour.

                 It was a challenging job due to various difficult factors such as large tonnage, large volume, narrow space, complicated surrounding environment, and hot weather. LBT started preparation for the hoisting work a few months ago in order to ensure a safe and smooth operation. With the strong support and cooperation of Sinochem Honeywell, LBT team developed the lifting plan after researches of field situation, transportation, and reinforcement of crane foundation, etc., and the successful implementation of this hoisting is guaranteed.

                  On June 28, 2017, LBT was awarded with this EPC project, which is expected to be mechanically completed by November 2018. The success of this hoisting has laid a good foundation for the completion of the project in time.

                  By the end of July, the project has achieved 360 thousand safety man hours without any lost time incidents. LBT has been highly affirmed in the safety work, and will continue to adhere to the concept of "safety first" and ensure the goal of "zero accident". 

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