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          A Celebration of Taixing SUEZ Project 500,000 Safety Man Hours

          Date:2018-7-24    Source: Shanghai LBT Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

                  On July 162 p.m., Taixing SUEZ project held a brief celebration on the milestone of 500,000 safety man hours. LBT Engineering, LBT Construction, JSHY, AFXF and WG all participated in this celebration. SUEZ project manager Christophe Hazebrouck and HSE manager Yu Guojun gave a speech respectively. They expressed their praise for everyone’s performance in safety work, encouraged each worker to bear “safety first” in mind and keep doing well in safety work and strive to complete the project with ZERO incident.

                  The project can hardly achieve the milestone of 500,000 safety man hours without all builders’ efforts in both civil construction and MPEI installation work. The integrate management of LBT Engineering and LBT Construction, combined with LBT Construction’s excellent self-management, effectively drives the safety management of this project and promotes the smooth progress of the project under the condition of HSE guarantee.

                  SUEZ also awarded everyone a shirt printed with 500,000 safety man hours to commemorate the milestone. 

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