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          LBTC Team Building Activities 2018in Tianchi Islet of Dianshan Lake Rounded out

          Date:2018-7-20    Source: Shanghai LBT Construction Co.,Ltd. MA Yanli

                  On 30 June 2018, LBTC team building activities in the theme of “Original Heart Preserving, Cohesion Uniting, and Future Achieving” was carried out in Tianchi islet of Dianshan Lake, participated by over 100 employees from LBT Group, LBTC headquarter and project departments around Shanghai. These activities contributed a lot to enhancement of cohesiveness and intercommunication in a team.

                 In the early morning on June 30, participating colleagues set out from company headquarter or each project department separately, got together at Dianshan lakeside, and reached Tianchi islet by yacht in batches. The team building activities formally kicked off after brief regrouping.

                  Group members first received different missions as per group; facing different challenges, the eight-group members showed respective talents and good teamwork in these difficult missions, such as “Dragons Fetching Water”, “Hasty 60s”, and “Fleet Ferry”, etc. according to arrangement from the trainer, especially the unexpectedly heavy showery rain increased more natural difficulty. With the missions broken through one by one, the group members increased more and more trust in each other during the cooperation.

                  After finishing the big battles in the morning, group members were confronted with the new challenge – “Open Air Cooking”, i.e. every group made up of ten members had to make fire and cook lunch by themselves. Group members were assigned with specific duties and collaborated in: fire-making, ingredient washing, chopping, cooking and serving, a complete streamline of flow operations. They assisted with each other as they usually did in work positions, although every group was temporarily formed, they all cooked delicious dishes with wonderful look, smell and taste.

                 The last activity called as “Graduation Wall” was voiceless, inspiring and deepgoing. One hundred and four members strictly followed orders from the “general commander” temporarily assigned in silence; they demonstrated the power of execution for LBTC. One hundred and five members in total, spending twenty-one minutes and fifty seconds, surmounted 4m high wall in succession, and successfully completed the seemingly “mission impossible”.

                  At 5:30 pm, the activities lasting one day finished. It steeled LBTer’s will power via setting of various activity links in an interesting way, strengthened their determination of united efforts, joint endeavor and oriented goal, and moreover, increasingly promoted the enterprise culture - “Original Heart Preserving, Cohesion Uniting, and Future Achieving”.



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