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          Activities about Safety Production Month Being Launched In Jiangsu Libert INC.

          Date:2018-6-13    Source: Jiangsu Libert INC. Li Jian Zhang Qing

                  In order to thoroughly implement the Company's production safety policy and implement the safety production management system, and focus on the theme of “Lift First, Safe Development” in the National Safe Production Month, LBT actively planned the programme of activities in June and organized and implemented the activities in safety production month. Highlight accidents prevention, and create a strong atmosphere of “Everyone manages safety, and everyone needs to be safety” in LBT.

                 On June 7, several firemen are appointed by the fire fighting squadron to conduct special training on fire prevention knowledge for the company's employees, so that employees further recognized the importance of fire protection and related fire emergency measures, to prompt employees to care for, attach importance to, support, and participate in firefighting work, and  prevent and reduce fire injuries to the maximum, provide employees with a safe and good working environment, and further increase fire awareness.

                  On June 12, LBT organized a safety pledge activity with the theme of "Lift First, Safe Development ". The employees solemnly swore under the national flag. The heavy and firm pledge resounded in the factory and the signature ceremony of pledge was held.

                  Through this safety production month activity, the safety awareness of all employees will be further enhanced, safety management measures will be further refined, and the safety culture of the company will be vigorously promoted. 

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