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          Jiangsu Libert INC. Being Awarded Honorary Title of "Best Supplier" from Honeywell

          Date:2018-6-13    Source: Jiangsu Libert INC. Zhang Qing

                   Recently, Jiangsu Libert INC. has been invited to participate in the 2018 Annual Supplier Conference held by Honeywell Specialty Materials and Technology Group. Honeywell's Asia Pacific region and relevant department leaders, and more than 50 supplier representatives have gathered at the conference. Jiangsu Libert Inc. as a key supplier has participated in the conference and been awarded the medal of honor "Best Supplier".

                  During the meeting, Honeywell demonstrated the development achievements in China and Asia Pacific region in recent years. It shared the important experience of the entire project construction process, especially the development prospects of lean technology. And then the suppliers carried out full exchanges and closely followed the "Interconnection, Development Together, Win-win" theme of the conference.

                  Since 2011, LBT has provided Honeywell with engineering design, module & skid and container production, engineering construction and EPC services for many projects. It has been widely recognized and praised by Honeywell and passed the deepening of this event. The exchange will help the company to cooperate with Honeywell more extensively and deeply.

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