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          Special Training for HYCO Module Project Construction Management

          Date:2018-6-13    Source: Jiangsu Libert INC. Tan Ruxin, Zhang Qing

                  At the invitation of LBT General Manager, the resident manager David Xing and the project team specialist Fernando from the air separation customer held a HYCO module project construction management special training on May 16. More than 50 persons, including production leaders, relevant engineers from Technical Dept. and QC Dept., and production team leaders etc. attended the training.

                  The training was started from construction characteristics, technical difficulties and quality control key points of HYCO series projects, and according to the actual situations of HYCO projects in LBT, the training was performed to correlate theory with practice and explain the profound in simple terms. During the training, experience feedback was performed for previous HYCO module project quality management works undertaken by LBT. The participants spoke enthusiastically and discussed actively. The atmosphere of the training was active, and good effect was achieved for this training.


                  The special training is to make everyone fully understanding and mastering the characteristics and technical and quality requirements of HYCO series projects, provide theory and practice supports for successful construction of subsequent similar projects, and further strength close cooperation with related customers in this field.


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