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          Mining Industry

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          Municipal Engineering refers to municipal facilities construction projects. In our country, municipal facilities refer to all kinds of buildings, structures, equipment and so on, which are set up in the planning and construction of urban areas, towns and townships, and provide the residents with paid or gratuitous public products and services based on the government's responsibility and obligation. City life supporting a variety of public infrastructure projects belong to the category, such as common city roads, bridges, subway systems , such as a variety of pipelines are closely related with the life of rain, sewage, water, water, electricity (red outside part), telecommunications, gas, heat, and square, city greening construction all belong to the category of municipal engineering.

          • Infrastructure construction

            Infrastructure construction

            Municipal Engineering generally belongs to the national infrastructure. Municipal Engineering refers to the city in the construction of various public transportation facilities, water supply, drainage, gas, city flood control, environmental health and lighting and other infrastructure construction, it is an essential material basis for the survival and development of city, is the basic conditions to improve people's living standards and opening up. In the municipal engineering involves the municipal industry class talents include: Project Engineer, project manager, municipal construction division, construction workers, engineers and municipal budget. It is worth noting that the national economic and social development and urbanization are facing severe challenges. On the one hand, the gap between urban and rural areas and regions is further expanded, and the central areas of big cities, especially large cities, are extremely prosperous, and the urban fringe towns and villages stagnate and decline. On the other hand, the process of urbanization has created a variety of urban problems, such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, poverty, unemployment, housing tension, health hazards, urban disasters, security weakening and so on. There is still a long way for china to reach Metropolis Era. Globalization, marketization, industrialization, informatization and modernization of infrastructure have made the country's resources, elements, commodities and services more and more convenient to flow across the country. In municipal engineering construction and public services, we attach importance to cities, big cities, urban agglomerations and central cities, ignore marginal cities, rural areas and non urban groups, the lack of scientific, rational and forward-looking planning and policy guidance for the spatial activities of population and Industry also make the national resources and population activities are rapidly gathering to the advantage areas and cities. The urban infrastructure and public services are difficult to keep pace with the excessive concentration of resources and population. The municipal engineering construction needs to be further standardized and humanized.
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