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          Water Treatment Industry

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          Fine chemical industry is the general term for the production of fine chemicals industry. It has many varieties, updates quickly and its output is small, most of them are produced intermittently. Fine chemical industry has functionality or ultimate use: many of them are formulated products, formulations and other technologies determine product performance; It has high quality requirements and strong commodity, and most of them are sold by trade name; Fine chemical industry has high technical density, it requires continuous research and development of new product technology and application technology, and it pays attention to technical services; its equipment investment is small; it has high value-added rates and other features.

          • Fine chemical industry is one of the most active emerging fields in the chemical industry, and it is an important part of new materials.

            Fine chemical industry is one of the most active emerging fields in the chemical industry, and it is an important part of new materials.

            Fine chemicals have many kinds of products, high added value, wide use and great industrial connection. They serve directly in many fields of the national economy and high-tech industries. Developing fine chemical industry has become the strategic focus of the world to adjust the structure of chemical industry, enhance the level of a chemical industry and expand economic benefits. The country timely issues relevant policies to build a new technology innovation organization-- the national fine chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance which combines production and research, in order to optimize the national fine chemical industrial structure and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. The level of fine chemical industry (the proportion of fine chemical output value to total chemical output value) has become an important symbol to measure the level of chemical industry development and the level of chemical technology in a country or region.
          • Economic Status

            Economic Status

            Fine chemical industry is on the front rank in the world. Some fine chemicals have been able to meet domestic demand.
            The development of fine chemical industry has promoted the improvement of other industries such as agriculture, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, paper making and so on. Meanwhile, it has brought economic benefits for these industries. The development of fine chemicals provides a guarantee for the development of biotechnology, information technology, new materials, new energy technology, environmental protection and other new and high technology. The development of fine chemical industry provides catalysts, auxiliaries, special gases, special materials (corrosion protection, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance), flame retardants, membrane materials, various additives, industrial surfactants, environmental protection chemicals, etc for production and processing of three major synthetic materials (plastics, rubber and fiber) and production of agricultural chemicals in petroleum and petrochemical industries. So the development of fine chemical industry ensures and promotes the development of petroleum and chemical industry. The development of fine chemical industry has improved the processing depth of chemical industry, and improved the economic benefits of large oil companies and large chemical companies. The development of fine chemical industry has improved the overall economic efficiency of the country's chemical industry, and strengthened the country's economic strength. Nowadays, fine chemical industry has become one of the strategic focuses of the world chemical industry development, and also become one of the focuses of the fierce competition in the chemical industry. Therefore, the national economic and trade commission pointed out in the outline of "fifteen" industrial structure adjustment plan: the development of chemical industry should focus on “chemical fertilizer, pesticide and fine chemical industry". Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are directly related to grain production, so fine chemicals are as important as grain production. Fine chemical industry can only rely on the domestic countries, and can not rely on foreign countries, it is the vital economic sectors which are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood.
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