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          Oil and Gas EnergyIndustry

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          Coal, oil and natural gas, nuclear fuel, hydro, ocean energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and other energy is converted into electricity by power generation facilities, and then through the transmission, substation and distribution system supplies to the users as the energy of the industrial sector.

          • Power Industry

            Power Industry

            The company has perfect lighting system, heating system, power control system, explosion-proof products. The power industry is the industrial sector that produces, transports and distributes electrical energy. Including power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and other links. The production process and consumption process of electric energy are simultaneous, which can neither be interrupted nor stored, and need unified dispatching and distribution. The power industry provides basic power for the industry and other sectors of the national economy, and then builds a large number of large and medium-sized hydropower stations in the areas where the conditions are available, which is the leading sector of the national economic development.
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