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          About LBT
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          Chemical Industry

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          More attention will be paid towards the Investment in the Development and Exploration of oil and gas in China, mainly determined by China's energy structure.

          • ? Design and Development of oil and gas field blocks, mechanical and electronic design of high-end instruments, research & development and production of high-end downhole intelligent instruments.

            ? Design and Development of oil and gas field blocks, mechanical and electronic design of high-end instruments, research & development and production of high-end downhole intelligent instruments.

            Oil and gas field block design and development company introduced aforeign oil companies’ advanced block design concept, breaking the technical barriers of international oil companies, meeting the domestic oil and gas companies’ demand for the development of high-end block design, improving the recovery rate of oil and gas. Collaborating objects are the domestic oil and gas companys' research institutes and Exploration & Development design institutes. The high-end instrument, mechanical and electronic design in foreign R & D center, can undertake the design and development of underground intelligent instruments, such as the design and development of logging equipment, testing equipment, with the core components of drilling equipment, breaking the international oil service company for the domestic high-end equipment technical blockade, quickly enhance technical level for the domestic downhole intelligent instrument self-owned intellectual property rights. Collaborating objects are the equipment R & D and manufacturing departments of all the oil and gas companies. The development of high-end intelligent instrument R & D and production including rotary steerable drilling and intelligent software R & D and manufacturing, resistant to high temperature and high pressure wellhead equipment R & D and manufacturing, high temperature resistant instrument / program (maintained at a temperature of 140 DEG C), the underground wireless transmission systems R & D and manufacturing, the deep underground wireless positioning systems R & D and manufacturing ceramic screen technology development. Partner is subordinate to CNPC and Sinopec drilling company, logging company, CNOOC COSL Limited by Share Ltd.
          • Testing products

            Testing products

            Testing products: 200 degree quartz pressure gauge, 350 degree mechanical pressure gauge, intelligent fracturing pressure gauge
          • Perforation products

            Perforation products

            Perforating products: perforating monitor, downhole perforating data rapid sampling instrument, Ishita Chino ignition device, downhole intelligent seat sealing tool, downhole dynamic negative pressure hole cleaning system
          • Downhole tool products

            Downhole tool products

            Downhole tool products: downhole tubing mechanical cutter, high angle well conveying roller system, steel wire (cable) cutter, downhole camera, downhole leak detector, downhole instrument hanger
          • Log products

            Log products

            Log products: direct storage of double function of production logging, casing corrosion imaging logging, borehole logging series, well logging series, 350 of production logging, high temperature of 246 degrees CCL gamma, Downhole Wireless Gamma Positioning System
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