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          About LBT
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          Company Profile

          The current position: Home > About LBT > Company Profile
                    LBT Group headquartered in Shanghai Hongqiao International Business Center, consists of Shanghai LBT Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Libert INC. Co., Ltd. and Shanghai LBT Construction Co., Ltd., and etc. The group company adopts efficient data management and advanced production process to control the quality and progress of products to meet the needs of customers, and has been praised by customers, respected by peers, and recognized by society.
                  With complete rules and regulations, meticulous basic management, comprehensive professional skills, rich experience and strong strength, the company has accumulated rich experience in the industry and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.The scope of business covers petrochemical chemicals, oil and gas, power, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and municipal engineering, etc. The services include: engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm), engineering consulting (CED, BED, DED), engineering design, engineering construction, industrial module manufacturing, non-standard equipment manufacturing, building materials trade, factory inspection and process package sales and the whole industry chain of EPFC. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certifications related to pressure piping components, pressure vessel, ASME U&S Stencil, EN1090, CE, GOST (based on products), CWB, and OHSAS18001. Especially, the welding techniques inherit from the welding requirements of nuclear engineering, including the welding of special materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, zirconium, monel, hastelloy, inconel and other non-ferrous metals. The welding personnel are equipped with qualifications of GB, ASME, AWS, EN/DIN and so on.
                  According to the national development plan and industrial policy, the company provides tailored material supply and supply chain management solutions to customers from various industries including petroleum, chemical, energy (solar energy, wind power, hydropower, etc.), marine, metallurgy and machinery and etc. The business covers six categories of products such as equipment, electrical, instrumentation, piping, chemical and oil and gas. The company also provides one-stop services of high additional value, including oil and gas products and services, oil and gas technical solutions, design optimization, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics services and after-sale services.  
                 The subsidiary company, Jiangsu Libert INC. is only 2.5 kilometers’ away from CHANGJIANG INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT Wharf, with 65 berths of ten thousand tons, which can berth the international freighter of up to 50,000 tons. There are complete supporting facilities and convenient transportation conditions with Shugang expressway, riverine expressway, Xicheng expressway and Huning expressway around.
                  In order to adapt to market changes, to meet customer demand, to expand production capacity, enhance the comprehensive strength, the company set up a new factory in Jiangsu Yangtze River Heavy Equipment Industrial Park in 2016, with an area of 149 thousand square meters and achieved and improved the capacity of manufacturing large modules and containers. The new factory is adjacent to the new Zhangjiagang Heavy Equipment Wharf which has 1353-meter water front, 10 deep-water berths, and 540,000 square meters’ land. The wharf is equipped with two fixed cranes of the largest lifting capacity of 800 tons at the wharf with the maximum operating capacity of up to 1500T, and two 36-meter-wide RO bridges with the roll-on/off capacities of super heavy equipment. It not only greatly enhances the product transportation capacity, but also expands the production and storage space.
                  The products of the group company have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad market due to high quality and timely delivery of products. The company owns near 500 sets of advanced automatic or semi-automatic manufacturing, processing and inspection equipment, which can fully meet all kinds of production and manufacturing needs within the range. At the same time, the company has established a complete quality management system to achieve procedural, standardized and scientific work. The company adheres to the principle of "quality first, service first", and constantly creates value for customers, and achieves win-win and common development with customers both at home and abroad.
          About LBT
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